Rules to Follow Before Writing a Good Article

Writing a good article is like learning to cook that favorite pastry. Perfection may not happen overnight, but one sure thing is practice will make perfect. Reading a good article is like taking a bite of a flavor-filled pastry, all those fantastic styles bursting in the reader’s mind till they have a brain orgasm.

Like many other fields, some article writers wing it and those who believe in following rules. However, to get an excellent presentable article that will entertain readers, it is better to follow the basic writing rules.

Why Choose Rules when Writing Articles?

Articles are written for a purpose. Whether it is to educate people or to entertain, the goal of transmitting information remains. There are numerous forms of articles, and they serve a wide variety of purposes. Using rules in article writing gives the content structure and a certain level of elegance.

Article writing has always been a procedural task. This can be best noted in the structure of the article itself. There is a specific organization that is required for an article to make sense. The process is like cooking a meal or baking a cake; there is a first step that needs to be followed by a second step and a third one till the very end. Haphazard organization leads to a random article that may be hard to comprehend.

Rules to Follow

When it comes to rules in article writing, they cater to different aspects of the process. Whether it is an organization or the content itself, these rules ensure that the final product is highly attractive to the readers.

Below are some of the basic rules in writing articles;

Research! Research! Research!

This is the very first step when writing any form of article. There is a need to carry out extensive research on the topic. The research includes scouring all the available sources to gather as much information as possible on the topic. By carrying out research, the article’s content will be based on factual information concerning that topic. Also, through research, it will be easy to pick the direction the article will follow.

Any given topic has a vast body of information, taking different angles, and providing different viewpoints. Therefore, there is a need to delve into this body of information to develop a detailed article that is reflective of current events.

Consider the structure

Before proceeding to write the article, it is essential to consider the structure it will take. Too long paragraphs will lead to readers skimming the article and not getting everything. Too short paragraphs will mean there isn’t sufficient information. The paragraphs should be well balanced, not too long and not too short.

Therefore, it is essential to have a straightforward arrangement of the content in paragraphs. This will be followed by an organization of all the content to ensure maximization on the topic without overdoing the same.

Introduction is key

To better attract readers, the introduction needs to be captivating. The introduction should be short and crisp. Within the introduction, there is a need to offer brief information about the topic. Care should be taken not to overshare the information in the article. The purpose of the introduction is to offer just enough information to leave the readers wanting more. Therefore, this is where all the enticing styles and information has to be put to work.

Insert headings, ensure tone and style are relevant to the article

After the introduction and the structure have been idealized, the next step is writing the paragraphs and their accompanying headings. To better attract readers, it is essential to have appealing headings. These headings could play a key role in raising the reader’s interest in the article. Also, make sure to align the tone and style of the article with the context itself. These individual components will add to the flavor of the article and captivate the readers even more!


Man is to error! With this in mind, make sure to reread the article after completing the writing process. A good article does not contain unnecessary grammatical errors, and the only way to catch them is by proofreading. Through proofreading, the writer becomes the first reader and can thus detect whether the tone is right, whether the intended information has been passed and whether the article generally sounds right. Proofreading is like tying that final ribbon on a present before handing it out to the recipient!


Article writing is like any other process out there. Rules may not be necessary but following them gives the work character and elegance. To serve readers with a refined article that will leave them wanting more, it is crucial to adhere to the above-described rules!

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