About Us

Maroon-News.com is a learning platform utilizing informal learning processes and valuable learning strategies to educate students interested in e-learning.

Our learning is free as we believe in the power of open education so that anyone, irrespective of gender and geographical location, can access education at any time regardless of their subject level.

We rigorously deliver excellent learning materials, services, and experiences for our learners to meet expected outcomes. We’re committed to updating students about school happenings as a way of breeding engaging, motivated, and successful students.

Moreover, we train students who have obtained permission from their parents to partner with us on becoming skilled and outstanding leaders in their future careers. Furthermore, we teach journalism and ensure that our staff work by ethics.

Editorial Team

Winter 2020 and Spring 2021

Elisabeth L. Green

Elisabeth L. Green


Robert Jones Jr.

Managing Editor

David S. Monroe

Digital Managing Editor

Clair F. Zuber

News Editor

Frequently Asked Questions


What does your school newspaper entail?

We detail community and school news, school events, like assemblies, dances, sports, and pep rallies.

We also update you on all the awards won by our learners, teachers, and the school.


What are the benefits of partnering with the school newspaper?

By working with us, you can improve your writing skills, learn more about journalism, and create articles you can incorporate in your resume and portfolio.

Furthermore, you can also learn leadership values that will better position you for college admission and employment.


What do I benefit from reading the school newspaper?

Through our writings and researches on different topics, you can decide on what to do following graduation.

Moreover, our interviews with experts will help inform your decision on a career path.


How do I start my school newspaper?

Contact your academic adviser to understand how to start a new club in your school.

Secondly, locate an educator to review your articles. Source partners and assign tasks for efficiency. Start working after assembling your team. Subsequently, revise papers and infer where to post all contents. Lastly, print and distribute.

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